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Get Noticed As A Singer

by Chris Chew

Ever wondered why some singers catapulted to stardom rather quickly, some sparkled, flickered a little and then faded into obscurity while most singers stayed the same for years if not forever at mediocrity level?

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Why is it that most singers never make it big in their singing career, not to say becoming superstars? Well, for starters, most singers begin their career as a lounge singer, singing in small clubs and belting out cover versions of established and popular singers. They selection of songs will be dictated by their audiences and so they must cover a wide genre of songs.Continue reading Get Noticed As A Singer

Mixing Your Sound On Stage Without A Sound Engineer

Many small club bands or duos don’t have the luxury of having a sound engineer to mix their sound during performances. Most of the time, one of the band members mixes the sound while on stage, while performing.

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This can be difficult for several reasons:

  • The sound on the stage is very different from the sound throughout the rest of the club.
  • The person mixing generally has to stop playing momentarily to adjust the levels.
  • Different band members may prefer different mixes; for example the keyboard player may feel that the keyboards need to be higher in the mix.
  • The on-stage mixer may have little control over the level of individual instrument amplifiers or drummers.
  • In very small venues, or restaurants, the on-stage level may need to be too high (for the band’s comfort and hearing) for the audience, particularly when they are close to the stage.
  • Continue reading Mixing Your Sound On Stage Without A Sound Engineer

You’re Too Loud! Keeping Your Sanity When Playing Restaurants and Small Clubs

Restaurants and small bars make great venues for duos and small bands to play. For financial as well as practical reasons, these places are too small for larger groups, yet they still want to have live music to attract the crowds.

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However, you must always remember that YOU are not the primary purpose of the restaurant or bar. The primary purpose, as for any business, is to make money.

As a performer, you should be able to relate to this, since you need to make money as well. (If you are just doing it for the music, while a great noble and artistic attitude, you’re better off just jamming at home.)Continue reading You’re Too Loud! Keeping Your Sanity When Playing Restaurants and Small Clubs