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Gigging as a Solo Musician

Thinking of going out as a solo musician?  There are lots of reasons to do so, even if you are already in, or plan to be in, a band.

It can (sometimes) be easier to get (and keep) gigs, plus you don’t have to split the money into multiple tiny pieces.  You also don’t have to worry about band members who don’t show up, are difficult to deal with, or can’t remember how to play the songs you rehearsed.

Here are a few more tips from an article on the website bandsonabudget.com:

-Take yourself seriously. If you don’t take yourself seriously because you’re a solo musician and not in a band, you should probably stop now. Less is more sometimes, and a one person performance can certainly be EPIC if not more epic than a full band performance. People are used to seeing rock bands play, and they’re use to seeing boring acoustic gigs as well. Make sure you take it up a notch. Play with heart, and deliver. This leads us to…Continue reading Gigging as a Solo Musician

Tips For The Solo Musician: The Power of Sound

by Kevin Brown

Copyright Curse Buster Sound

Let’s talk about sound. Not just any sound though. Let’s talk about YOUR SOUND!

Ahh!…The power of sound, … The things that are possible to do with sound, … All of the people, and places that sound can reach. Yes, sound is a very powerful force.  Sound can heal, or, sound can destroy.  Sound can pass right through most things, or, sound can be totally abrasive, and bounce off of just about everything.

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