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Beginners Songwriting On Guitar – Tips To Avoid Songwriters Block

by Shay Rushden

Depending on how you’ve started your songwriting process you may at this point have a tune, melody, singing line or even a complete chorus or verse worked out. So your masterpiece is now beginning to take some shape:) The next thing to turn your attention to are the song lyrics and title. Something catchy and singable.

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So you get yourself settled down with a brand new writing pad and new pen and your all set to fashion a classic song! Well the hardest bit is surely in the bag isn’t it? Getting that tune sounding good was tough and now the lyrics will just write themselves…won’t they?Continue reading Beginners Songwriting On Guitar – Tips To Avoid Songwriters Block

Starting your Own Band

by Andrew M. Lee

If you learn to play guitar, drums or bass for example the next step that many of you will want to take is to start your own band. This has been the dream of teenagers for years but just how do you go about undertaking this? Well there are a number of avenues that you can explore; you could advertise for other members or you may know people who have friends or family who are also interested in starting up a band.

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In my experience however one of the main ways that bands come together is friends. If you are learning guitar and your best friends are learning bass and drums it comes pretty naturally that you will form a band together but deciding to be in a band is one thing, making it work is another…Continue reading Starting your Own Band

Song Writing: Why Is Completing Your Songs Important?

By Peter Edvinsson

Do you find it easy to write songs? Too easy? Well, I at least have had a problem with this.

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If you would visit our home and my garage you would find a lot of unfinished songs and a lot of manuscript paper with some notes on them showing that I wanted to say something with music but never finished it.Continue reading Song Writing: Why Is Completing Your Songs Important?