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Capturing The Perfect Live Sound At Your Wedding

by: Chris Czerw

Choosing your entertainment will be one of the most important decisions you will make as you plan your party. A fabulous live dance band will help to create an exciting and festive atmosphere for your special event, however a band that plays at an overly loud volume, is poorly mixed, or uses a substandard sound system can easily ruin your special day.

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Everyone wants the band’s performance of great party music to lure the guests onto the dance floor, but your non-dancing guests need to be able to carry on conversation without yelling into each other’s ears. Balancing these concerns is a challenge, but you can have your cake and eat it too – the key is finding a band that is able to perform at a volume that pleases you, and also has the proper sound equipment and qualified personnel to run it.

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Mixing Your Sound On Stage Without A Sound Engineer

Many small club bands or duos don’t have the luxury of having a sound engineer to mix their sound during performances. Most of the time, one of the band members mixes the sound while on stage, while performing.

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This can be difficult for several reasons:

  • The sound on the stage is very different from the sound throughout the rest of the club.
  • The person mixing generally has to stop playing momentarily to adjust the levels.
  • Different band members may prefer different mixes; for example the keyboard player may feel that the keyboards need to be higher in the mix.
  • The on-stage mixer may have little control over the level of individual instrument amplifiers or drummers.
  • In very small venues, or restaurants, the on-stage level may need to be too high (for the band’s comfort and hearing) for the audience, particularly when they are close to the stage.
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Mixing Your Stage Sound As You Play By Adjusting Your Playing

While many bands, particularly the larger ones, have a sound engineer, there are performance aspects to the mix that only the band members control.

If you think that you can just play in whatever manner you feel like playing, and the sound engineer’s job is to make everyone sound good in the mix, you’ll fall short of your optimal sound. The mix can’t fix busy keyboards or guitar fills that walk all over the vocals.

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