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Marketing Your Music

By Stan Oldman

The principles of marketing a band and getting to the point of making actual money from shows don’t really differ that much from running a business. Just so happens that this business is music.

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An old saying goes something like “build it and they will come”. You can tell it’s an old saying because in today’s world it should read “build it, MARKET IT… and they will come.” Don’t believe me? How many super talented people have you come across that made incredible music in their basement that never made it out of their house.

It’s like they’re waiting for somebody to knock on their door and say “I was just passing through the neighborhood with a briefcase full of money and wanted to see if you have a great song available”. It’s not going to happen. However there are things you can do to get your music/band marketed and we will be discussing this in the following article.Continue reading Marketing Your Music