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Managing Your Time – When Music Isn’t Your Day Job

You CAN do everything.


You CAN do everything. What you cannot do, however, is do everything at the same time, or create a day that’s longer than 24 hours.
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The two most important aspects of time management are acceptance and choice. When you think of time in terms of acceptance and choice, you’re never “wrong”, “bad”, or “lazy”, you’ve just made certain choices.

When you think in terms of discipline and willpower, however, your inner critic can really do a number on you. We already have low self-esteem as artists; let’s not add to the problem!!

An example of this from my own life is that I choose to live alone instead of with a roommate; that means I also choose higher rent and the need to bring in enough income to cover that rent. When sneaky thoughts of resentment or self-pity creep in to my head, I need to remember the choice that I made, and I need to accept this is how things are for now.

Here are some tips for using choice and acceptance to manage your time.Continue reading Managing Your Time – When Music Isn’t Your Day Job