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Vocal Performance Preparation

Whether you’re going to be singing in a live performance or a recording situation, proper vocal preparation is essential.  Warm up exercises not only improve the quality of your singing, they also help protect your vocal instrument from damage.

But it’s not just the singing that can cause damage. Screaming, too much talking, or talking in noisy surroundings can also stress your vocal chords.

The lead singer in a band I was in had to stop singing for three months due to damage to her vocal chords.  We were playing every weekend in a local bar, and, in between songs, people would come up and talk or request songs.

The damage was caused not by her singing (her singing technique was excellent), but by having to lean over her keyboard and talk over the crowd noise.Continue reading Vocal Performance Preparation

How to Have Stage Presence For Groups

By Terrence Harper

1. Prepare and rehearse. Know everybody else’s lyrics, so that you can fill in and define parts of the song to get or keep the crowd hyped. Rehearsal is important in order to show that your a professional or on the brink of becoming a pro, you’d got to know where the other person should be onstage.

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2. The lead vocalist should almost always take center stage, then move from right to left interacting with the crowd. Always, go center stage when your verse starts this brings the attention to you, especially if you have multiple people on stage.Continue reading How to Have Stage Presence For Groups

How To Start Your Own Band

by Kathy Unruh

Every once in awhile a guitar student will express a desire to be in a band someday. If this is your ambition too, then read on. Whether you’re a guitar player or not doesn’t really matter.

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If you are a talented singer or musician then the question is, do YOU want to be in a band? In this article you will find some helpful ideas on how to get started in that direction.

One of the first things you will need to do is gain exposure for yourself. This can be as easy as following three simple steps:Continue reading How To Start Your Own Band

Tips For The Solo Musician: The Power of Sound

by Kevin Brown

Copyright Curse Buster Sound

Let’s talk about sound. Not just any sound though. Let’s talk about YOUR SOUND!

Ahh!…The power of sound, … The things that are possible to do with sound, … All of the people, and places that sound can reach. Yes, sound is a very powerful force.  Sound can heal, or, sound can destroy.  Sound can pass right through most things, or, sound can be totally abrasive, and bounce off of just about everything.

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