The Secret To Learning Scales On The Guitar

Learning guitar scales nearly drove me crazy.

The whole process was long frustrating and to tell you the truth, at first, I just didn’t see the point of it.

You see, when I first started learning guitar all i wanted to do was to play my favorite songs. I had no interest in learning the background theory. I way a D.I.Y guitarist doing it all by myself, not one of those fancy kids with their music lessons.
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Learning all the modes, theory and scales really wasn’t for me.

To be perfectly honest…

  • I didn’t want to waste time memorizing boring note combinations or dull sets of sounds repeated over and over again.
  • I didn’t understand how I could use them
  • Scale diagrams might as well have been in Chinese

The really important thing I didn’t realize at the time was that by being stubborn and avoiding guitar scales I was holding myself back from mastering guitar.

There were so many benefits when you learn guitar scales that I had never thought of:

  1. Learning guitar scales helps you build your finger strength. This in turn will improve the rhythm side of your guitar playing.
  2. Learning guitar scales gives you a greater knowledge of the fret board and opens up new and interesting ideas and sounds
  3. Learning guitar scales improves your hand eye co-ordination dramatically

But then when I started to pay attention to them I realized something terrible.

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I didn’t know where to start. The sheer amount of scales I thought I needed to learn was simply overwhelming. It was like a Pandora’s box. Every time I learned something new about guitar scales it opened up a whole new range of problems.

I desperately needed help but I didn’t know where to find it.

Why couldn’t someone just tell me what guitar scales I needed to learn, how I should learn them and most importantly how the heck could I use scales to play those smooth effortless solos all my guitar heroes seemed to play with ease.

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