Tips For Learning To Play Guitar

You need to have a strong will power to learn guitar. You need to stick to it and have a lot of patience to learn it.
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1. Decide how you are going to learn and stick to it.

If you have a guitar learning book then use it and follow it exactly. If you are attending lessons then do exactly as you are taught. Once you have made your mind up HOW you are going to learn, then follow the procedures exactly.

2. Know and plan for what you are going to do each session.

You are going to have to devote a fair bit of your time to practice, so you don’t want to waste any of that learning time wondering what to do next. Write down your program for each session and work through it until you have completed it. It might be as simple as following Lesson 2 in the book, but decide beforehand and then do it all.

3. Warm up before you start.

Athletes warm up their muscles to prevent themselves tying up when the serious stuff begins. Guitarists should do the same, and the professionals always warm up before going on stage.

Grab a tennis ball and give it a few squeezes, or simply open and close your fist several times to get the blood flowing.

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Play a few quick scales over the fret and you will warm up your muscles and get yourself ready to start playing.

4. Take a break from practicing.

If you think that you really need rest, then give your practice a break and don’t kill yourself by practicing to the point that you start hating guitar.

5. Whenever you get time do pick the guitar and play on your own tune.

There is nothing like self relaxation. If you are not enjoying while learning, then there is no point of learning that activity. And moreover always playing seriously by the book creates a hatred also for that activity.

Your ultimate point is to learn guitar and enjoy playing it. Be flexible and enjoy everything you do.

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Check out more information on how to practice changing chords and you can also try learn guitar advanced lessons for more progress.

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