Tips For Learning To Sing Correctly

Some people are born with the gift of song, it comes naturally to them, flowing from their mouths like vocal poetry — music to the ears. For others, it is not such an easy feat.
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Years of practice training and hard work are dedicated to perfecting their voice all the while in search of that highly coveted “perfect pitch.”

If you fall somewhere in the middle of perfect pitch and tone deaf, you may be like most people who would like to know how to sing well.

Here are a few tips to get you starting on singing well …

# Find a coach

You might be able to sing already but a coach or a trainer will help you improve your voice even further. If, on the other hand your voice is weak, it is due to the under-developed muscles or improper resonators like the pharynx, the hard palate and the nasal cavity. Muscles are strengthened through training. Here is where a vocal coach comes in.

# Vocal Range

You should know your vocal range; learn to recognize the kind of range that you have. This is very important as singing in the wrong vocal range can result in your voice being damaged.

# Posture

This might not seem important to sing well, but a good posture will help you tremendously. Stand tall keeping one foot a little in front of the other one. Place your feet shoulder width apart. This will allow you to breathe easily and will also allow maximum lung capacity, which will allow better notes and phrases. Please be sure that your chest is high to give room for the lungs to expand.
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# Breathe properly

Breathing properly is a very important point to keep in mind if you want to sing well. It is said that singing consists of 80% breathing because the way you breathe while singing will have an effect on your voice.

# Singing tools

Your body has certain singing tools like your lungs, ribs, nose and mouth that you should know properly before you go on to sing. You should be more familiar with how everything works inside your body while you sing. This will eventually help you to sing well.

Remember, the best thing for your voice is water. It will do some wonderful things for the voice and is also essential for your body as well. Getting in shape is one of the most important criteria for singing well. Getting in shape will result in you breathing better. Breathing better means you will be able to sing well. Avoid screaming when you sing as screaming can result in your voice being damaged.
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