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Dear band member or solo performer:

When you started your band or started out performing solo gigs, you probably didn’t think much beyond the excitement of the music and getting to play before live audiences.

Alright, maybe the thoughts of fame and fortune entered your mind, or maybe it was just for the fun of playing an occasional party. Still, unless you’ve got rare insight into the future, you may not have given much thought to the perils and travails of live performance. Things such as: “Are we going to get paid tonight?” … “What do we do about the drummer who always shows up late? (but owns the sound system) … what about the guitarist with the “I’m too good for the rest of you” attitude … how do you deal with stage fright at the “big” gig … and what can be done to get this apathetic crowd to respond (or even worse, what to do when there are no crowds). Then there’s always my favorite: Where are we going to find our next gig? (Still struggling with that one at times.)

Well, as you can see by looking around, the answers to these questions aren’t here yet. Sorry about that. But come back again soon … I’m going to be posting articles that address these issues, links to sites of interest, and reviews of resources you might find useful.

There will be something here for musicians at all levels, whether you’ve just started performing or you are a seasoned veteran. One thing you’ll be sure to find is that you’ve never “seen it all” … “learned it all” … or “heard it all” … there’s a surprise around just about every corner.

Here are just a few of the topics that will be covered …

Valuable Tips and Strategies for Band Members and Solo Performers:

  • Earn the income you deserve.
  • Increase your exposure, recognition and respect.
  • Build your fan base.
  • Stop playing to empty venues.

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