Tips For The Solo Musician: The Power of Sound

by Kevin Brown

Copyright Curse Buster Sound

Let’s talk about sound. Not just any sound though. Let’s talk about YOUR SOUND!

Ahh!…The power of sound, … The things that are possible to do with sound, … All of the people, and places that sound can reach. Yes, sound is a very powerful force.  Sound can heal, or, sound can destroy.  Sound can pass right through most things, or, sound can be totally abrasive, and bounce off of just about everything.

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Sound can tell you many things, it can reveal things, and it can tell blind people were they are.  Sound is a very complex thing, yet, it is also one of the simplest things.

I personally, love the texture of sound.  I love its richness.  I love to experiment with it.  I love to surround myself with it when at all possible.  As a blind person, sound is a very important aspect of my day to day life.  As a musician, it is doubly so!

Now, … As a solo musician, solo artist, solo instrumentalist, or vocalist, … probably the one most important thing, aside from your health, is your personal sound. Yes, … Your personal sound! This is what will set you apart from others. This is what brands you as desirable, or undesirable. This is what will make, or break you.

This is what will get you into the many doors, and venues that you are seeking. Yes, … We have those people who inspire us, … we have the mentors who guide and teach us. We all have the ones who we admire and would like to mold ourselves after.  But, … when it comes down to it! When it comes to the moment of truth! When it comes to the moment of the solo, … there is only you.  You are the one in that final moment that the sound you have molded and shaped, comes from.

What comes out of your heart, … your instrument, … your mouth, is the end result of your efforts, or, lack of efforts. Your personal sound will tell the whole, and true story of your inner most being.  Your personal sound will draw people to you, or, repel them away from you.  That is the important reason for practice! You can never get enough practice, … there is always room for improvement, and there is always room for perfection.

So, … we have the musicians, artists, and vocalists that inspire us.  That is a great, and important aspect of the learning and growing process.  The accomplished musicians, artists, and vocalists are on top of their particular niches because they spent the time, and put forth the ultimate effort to get there.  There are no shortcuts here my friend!  I can guarantee you that fact!

There is nothing wrong with admiring the talent of the artists who inspire us.  In most cases, that is what we need. Sometimes we need to listen, study, and learn just how it should be done. But, … be aware that there is a big difference between admiration, and envy! The former is constructive, and the ladder is destructive. You definitely want to stay away from destructive influences.

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Remember, … the artists, instrumentalists, and vocalists who are on top of the industry, and most successful are who they are, and you are who you are! They have their own personal sound, and you have your own personal sound.  You can desire to sound like them, but, you are not them!  They are where they are because they know this fact.

You need to find your personal sound. You need to find that something that says … Yeah! This is who I am! … That is, as you already know, or will find out shortly, an ongoing process. Once you find the direction you want to pursue, … once you find your personal sound, … you will be nurturing it for the rest of your life. That is, if you want to be successful like those you admire.

One thing though, is the positive, and proper attitude. I personally think the best attitude to adopt, is one of humbleness. We must remember that we do not hold the monopoly on talent! There is, … and will always be someone who can do it better, play it louder, faster, higher, or lower. When you can realize that we are all different, but we all live on the same planet, … we will be better off.

I personally don’t like competition. I realized some time ago that everyone has something to offer.  I love to hear someone who has paid the price, and put forth the sacrifice, and made the extreme effort to show themselves worthy of the praise, and admiration of others.

They have in fact, found their personal sound! They have bridged the gap between their soul, and their instrument, or vocal chords! That is what it is all about.  The world needs these ultimate artists, instrumentalists, and vocalists!… The ultimate soloists. This is just as important as a great teacher, a doctor, an engineer.

The Ultimate Soloists, Instrumentalists, and Vocalists are in fact, … the embodiment of all that makes us human.  What sets some apart from others, … What makes some worthy of that high calling, and responsibility is their total commitment, passion, determination, and sheer desire! They realize the Power of Sound, … and they take their responsibility seriously.

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Kevin is a blind, jazz saxophonist. His intense, improvive style of playing is both soothing, and captivating to the listener. Kevin owns, and operates a Texas based recording studio: Curse Buster Sound. You can hear, and contact Kevin at: or
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