Using the Microphone When You Are Performing

By Alvaro O Butler

It is important for the singer, speaker, or the entertainer to understand well the way to use the microphone. Because knowing to use the microphone will help you to look more professional. It is better for you to prepare everything before performing on the stage. Avoid the problems caused by the tool which you use to perform.

To prepare your live stage, the rehearsal is needed to be done. By doing the rehearsal, you will know the operation of the tool and all the technical items you must understand. The rehearsal process will help you to handle if the problem emerges during your live performance. For your information, the microphone and the speaker system is the important aspects which are able to make or break the live performance.

The first thing you should do before entering the stage is ensuring that you have made the adjustment to the microphone setup during the performance. Do not avoid this process because adjusting the microphone setting will help your performance runs smoothly.

After standing behind the microphone, you should adjust the microphone stand if the stand is too high or too low. Adjust it according to your height. Having the right position will deliver the professional performance to the audience.

If your microphone is wired version, then it is better for you to watch carefully where the cables and the amplifiers are placed. This will help you to avoid the tripping problems over the cords and cables when you are moving around on the stage. You probably need to consider the wireless microphone version if you want to have the dynamic performance. You will not need to worry about the cord or cable problem during the performance.

If you are deciding to perform without any microphone stand, then it is suggested for you to move it away. It can also be done when you want to lift the mike from its stand. The microphone’s function itself is catching the sound while you are speaking or singing. The sound then is sent to the audience. You should project the voice beyond the mike not at the mike. By doing this, you can strain your voice.

During the live performance, you should not point the mike to the speaker directly. You will get the effect of the howling feedback which can spoil your live performance. It is better for you to do the sound check before any performance. If you cannot do it by yourself, then ask the expert to evaluate the sound you produce.

For your information, the more expensive microphone will provide you the better quality. It is better for you to find the consumer reviews before buying the wireless handheld microphone for your performance. You may also consider the wireless USB microphone as another option.
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